Recorded at ABC Studio TV-15/Elysee Theater in New York, NY in February 1975 (Pilots) and from April to June 1975 (Series).


Taped Celebrities Notes
February 10, 1975 Anita Gillette & Soupy Sales At least three pilots were taped that day.

Spring 1975Edit

Week Aired Celebrities Notes
01 April 21-25, 1975 Anne Meara & William Shatner Series premiere on ABC-TV! VTR: April 04, 1975
02 April 28-May 2, 1975 Jo Anne Worley & Clifton Davis VTR: April 1975
03 May 5-9, 1975 Jo Ann Pflug & Tony Randall
04 May 12-16, 1975 Adrienne Barbeau & Larry Blyden
05 May 19-23, 1975 Anita Gillette & Soupy Sales The spinning questions now only had 60 cards (15 punch cards per question), no more strikes (metal plates now covered what used to be the strike indicators), the mini puzzle was solved and the amount went into the bank but now the Blankety Blank was not solved to win the money, it was to simply double the amount just added. Play continued until a team reached $2,000. The contestant kept $2,000 and played another game as champion. (The loser did not keep any money accumulated on their bank in the game they lost - a new player got nothing but consolation prizes and if a champ lost they just kept money won (in $2000 increments) in games they won.)
06 May 26-30, 1975 Peggy Cass & Nipsey Russell
07 June 2-6, 1975 Lee Meriwether & Jack Carter
08 June 9-13, 1975 Rita Moreno & Larry Linville
09 June 16-20, 1975 Loretta Swit & Peter Lawford
10 June 23-27, 1975 Anne Meara & Nipsey Russell Series Finale!