Run time
30 Minutes
Jack Clark
Jay Stewart

Caught in the Act (1979) was an unsold pilot.

Game FormatEdit

Three contestants played the game, but only two of them played a round.

Main GameEdit

The two contestants in play were shown a game board of nine prizes (some were more unusual than others). Three of them where mystery prizes located on the bottom row. Each contestant picked a prize they each want to play for and then a category was given. Each category had nine hidden answers. The controlling player gave answers that fit the subject, until one of the answers said was revealed on the board. When that happened, control passed to the opposing player who must do the same thing. The players had 30 seconds reveal as many of the answers as they can. If all nine answers were revealed, they both won their selected prizes and played another round under the same perimeters. Here's where being "Caught in the Act" comes in; when the time was up, the last player in control was "Caught in the Act". When that happened, that player lost, and the other player won his/her selected prize. Also upon being "Caught in the Act", the losing player traded places with the third player. Whenever a player had won two prizes, instead of going back to the board, he/she tried to steal an opponent's prize. The first player to win three prizes won the game.

Bonus RoundEdit

In the bonus round which was played similar to Pass the Buck, the winning player faced an all new game board, this time with three categories & nine hidden answers (three for each category). To start, the winning contestant chose a category to reveal a free answer in. Now he/she had 60 seconds to reveal as many of the rest of the answers as he/she can. The winning contestant won $500 for each row and/or column completed, and if the contestant can reveal all nine of the answers, he/she wins $10,000.



Frank Talley

The music was originally used on Pass the Buck.


Caught in the Act (Unsold Pilot) (1979)

Caught in the Act (Unsold Pilot) (1979)


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