Week Aired Celebrities Notes
N/A N/A Joyce Bulifant & Nipsey Russell Different scoring format and endgame rules. VTR: October 28, 1979

Winter 1979-1980Edit

Week Aired Celebrities Notes
01 January 14-18, 1980 Patty Duke-Astin, Joyce Bulifant, Fred Grandy, Nipsey Russell Series premiere on NBC-TV!
02 January 21-25, 1980 Joyce Bulifant, Didi Conn, Jay Johnson, Robert Mandan New bonus round rules: The first correct answer was worth $1, and for each correct answer, a zero was added until they reached $1,000. After that, each correct answer was worth $1,000, until they reached $5,000, when the 9th correct answer was worth $10,000.
03 January 28-February 1, 1980 Elaine Joyce, Vicki Lawrence, Nipsey Russell, Richard Paul
04 February 4-8, 1980 Joanna Gleason, Jo Anne Worley, Michael McKean, Richard Paul Pyramid timer sounds debut here for the bonus round.
05 February 11-15, 1980 Peggy Cass, Shelley Smith, Fred Grandy, Robert Mandan
06 February 18-22, 1980 Lois Nettleton, Debralee Scott, Jay Johnson, Soupy Sales New bonus round rules: The third format had the player trying to get 10 correct answers in 90 seconds, with each worth $100, until the 10th for $10,000.
07 February 25-29, 1980 Anita Gillette, Lois Nettleton, Soupy Sales, Bart Braverman
08 March 3-7, 1980 Joanna Gleason, Debralee Scott, Robert Mandan, Robert Walden Modified third bonus round format.
09 March 10-14, 1980 Betty White, Anita Gillette, Allen Ludden, Brian Patrick-Clarke
10 March 17-21, 1980 Anita Gillette, Gina Hecht, Fred Grandy, Nipsey Russell First week with the 1982-1988, 1991-1992 Pyramid vane type one clock in the bonus round.
11 March 24-28, 1980 Joanna Gleason, Patty Duke-Astin, Nispey Russell, Brian Patrick-Clarke
12 March 31-April 4, 1980 Joyce Bulifant, Judy Norton-Taylor, Robert Pine, Jay Johnson
13 April 7-11, 1980 Gina Hecht, Vicki Lawrence, Jack Carter, Wesley Eure Sub-host: Geoff Edwards.

The Password Plus condensed clock returns in the bonus round.

Spring 1980Edit

Week Aired Celebrities Notes
14 April 14-18, 1980 Constance McCashin, Jo Anne Worley, Robert Walden, Richard Paul Sub-host: Geoff Edwards.
15 April 21-25, 1980 Didi Conn, Elaine Joyce, Robert Mandan, Ken Kercheval (?) Bill Cullen returns!
16 April 28-May 2, 1980 Susan Richardson, Betty White, Daryl Anderson, Jay Johnson
17 May 5-9, 1980 Sharon Spelman, Jo Anne Worley, Sal Viscuso, Steve Kanaly
18 May 12-16, 1980 Judy Norton-Taylor, Anita Gillette, Richard Paul, Ken Kercheval
19 May 19-23, 1980 Anita Gillette, Vicki Lawrence, Wesley Eure, Ron Silver
20 May 26-30, 1980 Sharon Spelman, Laurie Walters, Brian Patrick-Clarke, Nipsey Russell (?)
21 June 2-6, 1980 Gina Hecht, Alison Arngrim, Daryl Anderson, Nipsey Russell (?)
22 June 9-13, 1980 Vicki Lawrence, Judy Norton-Taylor, Richard Paul, Robert Mandan (?)
23 June 16-20, 1980 Joyce Bulifant, Betty White, Jay Johnson, Ron Silver Series Finale!