International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired Clip
Action Réaction Canada (Quebec) Action Réaction
(Action Reaction)
Pierre Lalonde TQS (Now V)(1986-1991)
Chain Reaction (Canada, 1987)03:22

Chain Reaction (Canada, 1987)

Kata Berkait Indonesia Kata Berkait
(Hooked Word)
Nico Siahaan (1995-2001)
Taufik Savalas (2001)
RCTI (1995-2001)
Opening Kuis Kata Berkait RCTI (1995)00:38

Opening Kuis Kata Berkait RCTI (1995).

Chain Reaction (Indonesia)04:25

Chain Reaction (Indonesia)

Reazione a catena 004 jpg wiieLogoReazioneacatenaReazione a catena 1 Italy Reazione a catena: L'intesa vincente
(Chain Reaction: The Agreement Winner)
Pupo (2007-2009)
Pino Insegno (2010-2013)
Amadeus (2014-present)
Rai 1 (2007-present)
Chain Reaction (Italy, August 31, 2013)58:40

Chain Reaction (Italy, August 31, 2013)

Lancana Reakcija Serbia Lancana Reakcija
(Chain Reaction)
Voja Nedeljkovic TV Kosava (2006)
Lancana reakcija30:07

Lancana reakcija

--File-kelimezinciri.jpg-center-300px-- Turkey Kelime Zinciri
(Word Chain)
Kâmil Güler Samanyolu TV (2012-present)
Chain Reaction (Turkey)01:28:13

Chain Reaction (Turkey)

Luckyladders24111988aLucky Ladders 1991 United Kingdom Lucky Ladders Lennie Bennett ITV (1988-1993)
ITV's Lucky Ladders - 11th April 199324:04

ITV's Lucky Ladders - 11th April 1993

Additional NoteEdit

The Italian, Serbian and Turkish versions are based on the short-lived 2006-2007 GSN version from American (with the exception of the Italian version mixing two formats of Chain Reaction along with the unsold game show pilot Combination Lock). While the Canadian (French language only), Indonesian and British versions based their formats on more or less of the 1980 and 1986-91 NBC & USA Network/Global versions respectively.

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