Grq open
October 30, 1977
Run time
30 Minutes
Steve Edwards
Bob Clayton

Get Rich Quick! was an unsold pilot.

Game FormatEdit

Main GameEdit

The teams played a series of rounds. In each round, the goal was to get one of the celebrity partners to say four answers as fast you can and in a faster time than the other team. In order to do that, on each answer a celebrity partner and the contestant must form a question by adding one word at a time. As soon as they're finished, they must hit a button to sound a bell, signalling the other celebrity partner to respond. As soon as the team in control came up with the four required answers, the clock stopped. The seconds were indicated by lights; lights turned on one by one when a team sets the time, and they turned off one by one when the other team tried to beat the time. The team with the faster time won the round, and the first team to win three rounds wins the game and the right to play the "Hot Spot" for $5,000.

Hot Spot (Bonus Round)Edit

In the "Hot Spot", the winning team faced nine letters and three categories. The player on the left chose a category, the middle player picked a letter, and then the rightmost player must then give a word or phrase that fits the category starting with the chosen letter. If the word is accepted, the chosen letter turned around to reveal a blank. The roles of the left & right players went back & forth throughout. Each knocked off letter was worth $100, and knocking off all nine letters in 60 seconds or less won $5,000.

Celebrity GuestsEdit

Robert Urich
Lynnie Greene
John Ritter
Debralee Scott





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Get Rich Quick!, pt. 1

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