Pilot 1976, (as "Shoot the Works")
NBC daytime, January 3, 1977 - September 30, 1977
Run time
30 Minutes
Geoff Edwards
Bob Clayton
NBC Studio 8H, New York City, New York

Game FormatEdit

Two teams competed, each consisting of a civilian player and a celebrity player. The game board consisted of 24 numbered boxes. The boxes contained either money values ranging from $100 to $300, a $500 money card, a "double your score" card or four stars.

Each team began with $100. The challengers selected a box first, the money amount was revealed and the team attempted to decipher an awkward phrase. For example, the team was presented with the phrase "Sizzling/Canine" and attempted to translate it to "Hot/Dog". One member of the team translated the first part of the phrase and their partner translated the other. A correct response earned that team the amount shown. If they missed, they earned nothing.

If a team selected one of the four stars, that team could wager any or all of their current score. A right answer added that wager to their score, and a wrong answer subtracted that amount.

Control alternated between the teams until one team reached $1,500 or more and won the game (and exactly $1,500). Unlike shows such as The Joker's Wild on which full turns are used, the game ended if the challengers reached the $1,500 mark before the champions had an opportunity for at least one final turn to catch up. Contestants kept whatever they earned, regardless of the game's outcome. In the event no incorrect answers are given during the game, both contestants compete in the next game.

Any contestant who won five games in a row was awarded a new automobile and retired with his/her winnings.

Bonus roundEdit

The winning team hit a plunger which stopped a randomizer on a number between five and nine. The number represented the number of correct answers needed to be communicated to their partner.

One team member attempted to communicate a series of phrases, using a synonym associated with each underlined word as part of the description, while the other team member attempted to guess the complete phrase. If their partner successfully guessed the required number of words within 60 seconds, the contestant won a cash jackpot that began at $1,000 and increased by $500 each time it was not won.

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