1980 for ABC
Run time
30 Minutes
Nipsey Russell

That's Life is an unsold game show pilot that involved humorous on-the-street interviews.

Game FormatEdit

Two teams of three tried to predict the top responses to survey questions. As they were posed, the viewers were taken to the street for a montage of Nipsey's interviews on the subject. A question might be something like "the most important thing to a relationship is. A) love, B) sex, C) money." One member of each team came to the center stage to play, with the team in control trying to guess the number one response, and the second team then trying to guess number two response afterward.

Players who failed at their task were eliminated, and the winning team played an end game where they saw three subjects and four words under each. They had to guess, one at a time, which words were among the top 3 said by the public to describe that subject (for example, under Jane Fonda it might say 'feminist' or 'actress'). The answers not among the top three had "That's Life" behind them.


The opening theme was "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra.