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August 4, 1972
Run time
30 Minutes
Jack Clark
Don Pardo
ABC Studio 2, New York City, New York

The $10,000 Sweep was an unsold pilot.

Game FormatEdit

Two contestants in the middle saw an answer in their TV screens. Host Clark read a question in which its answer is a clue pertaining to the answer. The first player to ring-in with the correct clue, gave his/her partner a chance to guess the answer and if the partner is correct he/she scored points for the team. An incorrect clue from the ring-in player or an incorrect answer from the partner had Jack read the clue (sometimes a better phrasing of the clue), and gave the opposing partner a chance to guess the answer.

Point values increased by one point throughout the game with the first question worth five points. Each game also had three target numbers; hitting one of those target numbers on the nose gave the team a chance to answer the next question unopposed (all by themselves). The first team to reach 100 points wins the game.

Each game was worth $2,000 each for the championship team with the final game being worth $4,000. If the championship team lost any one game, not only their sweep ends, but their winnings were cut in half. If the championship team can win four games in a row, they win a check for a total of $10,000.


  • The recording date appears on the check shown during the intro.
  • While taped at ABC, the presence of longtime NBC employee Don Pardo as announcer suggests it was for that network.





The $10,000 Sweep

The $10,000 Sweep