Week Aired Celebrities Notes
N/A N/A Bill Cullen/Betsy Palmer/Larry Blyden/Joan Rivers/Soupy Sales/Peggy Cass N/A

Summer 1969Edit

Week Aired Celebrities Notes
01 June 30-July 04, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Totie Fields/Orson Bean/Betsy Palmer Series premiere on NBC-TV!
02 July 07-11, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Pat Carroll/Soupy Sales/Joan Fontaine
03 July 14-18, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Brenda Vaccaro/Jack Cassidy/Kaye Ballard
04 July 21-25, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Vivian Vance/Nipsey Russell/Shari Lewis
05 July 28-August 01, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Rita Moreno/Milt Kamen/Anne Meara
06 August 04-08, 1969 Jack Carter/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Vivian Vance/Milt Kamen/Joan Fontaine Bill Cullen's chair becomes a rotating position.
07 August 11-15, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Vivian Vance/William Shatner/E.J. Peaker
08 August 18-22, 1969 Jack Cassidy/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Nancy Dussault/Jerry Stiller/Anne Meara
09 August 25-29, 1969 Eli Wallach/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Chelsea Brown/Burt Reynolds/Anne Jackson
10 September 01-05, 1969 Orson Bean/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Brenda Vaccaro/Robert Morse/Anne Meara
11 September 08-12, 1969 Jack Carter/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Phyllis Newman/Jack Cassidy/Anne Meara
12 September 15-19, 1969 Dick Shawn/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Sheila MacRae/Corbett Monica/E.J. Peaker
13 September 22-26, 1969 Marty Allen/Peggy Cass/Larry Blyden/Brenda Vaccaro/Burt Reynolds/E.J. Peaker

Fall 1969Edit

Week Aired Celebrities Notes
14 September 29-October 03, 1969 Milt Kamen/Peggy Cass/Mel Torme/Joan Rivers/William Shatner/E.J. Peaker Larry Blyden replaces Bill Leyden as the emcee, and his chair becomes a rotating position.
15 October 06-10, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Jack Cassidy/Kaye Ballard/Alejandro Rey/E.J. Peaker Bill Cullen returns to his permanent position.
16 October 13-17, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Nipsey Russell/Tammy Grimes/Eli Wallach/E.J. Peaker
17 October 20-24, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Jack Carter/Phyllis Newman/Robert Klein/E.J. Peaker
18 October 27-31, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Orson Bean/Brenda Vaccaro/Barry Nelson/Phyllis Diller
19 November 03-07, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Marty Allen/Brenda Vaccaro/Tiny Tim/Phyllis Diller
20 November 10-14, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/George Maharis/Brenda Vaccaro/John Forsythe/Emily Yancy
21 November 17-21, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Corbett Monica/Brenda Vaccaro/Alejandro Rey/Joan Fontaine
22 November 24-28, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Dick Shawn/Totie Fields/Soupy Sales/Meredith MacRae
23 December 01-05, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Jack Carter/Brenda Vaccaro/Alejandro Rey/Gwen Verdon
24 December 08-12, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Jim Backus/Brenda Vaccaro/James Mason/Nancy Ames
25 December 15-19, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Peter Lawford/Brenda Vaccaro/Corbett Monica/Rita Moreno
26 December 22-26, 1969 Bill Cullen/Peggy Cass/Milt Kamen/Brenda Vaccaro/Eli Wallach/Barbara McNair Final week!

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